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Why am I being contacted by someone at Trymark?

If you received an email, telephone call, and/or text message from a representative at Trymark, you have been determined to be a potential winner or gift recipient in a promotion that Trymark is administering on behalf of a Sponsor. The contact message you received contains the relevant information regarding the promotion you entered, the prize you may have won and the steps required to claim the prize.

Is this legitimate? I do not remember entering or participating in a promotion.

The short answer is “yes and congratulations”! However, we do appreciate and understand the skepticism given the prevalence of spam calling and scammers.  The Trymark team will do everything possible to ease your concerns throughout the process.  First, there are many ways you may have entered the promotion which are outlined in the Official Rules. By reviewing the Official Rules, you may recall when, where, and how you entered the promotion.  If you don’t remember or are no longer able to review the Official Rules, that’s fine, just let our staff know that you have some questions or concerns and we would be happy to assist.

Why is Trymark asking for my information?

Trymark understands the concern in providing your personal information. The information we request is necessary to confirm you meet the requirements of the promotion as defined in the Official Rules as well as complete other requirements such as tax reporting or prize fulfillment. 

Why did I receive a Form 1099-MISC from Trymark?

A Form 1099-MISC was issued to you because you received a prize, prize package or award from the promotion's sponsor with a value of at least $600.00.

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